Nitric Acid

Ultra High Purity Nitric Acid

CCI is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of high purity nitric acid in the United States and is expanding into new markets in the Southwest thanks to our Phoenix, AZ facility. We are constantly making substantial investments in equipment to increase batch size capacity of our electronic grade nitric acid and to assure continuous quality improvement.

Our High Purity Nitric Acid is being distilled at both our Columbus, WI and Phoenix, AZ facilities, which  helps ensure our customers have a more reliable supply of product.

Nitric Acid Manufacturing

We provide ultra-pure nitric acid, and acid blends to major suppliers to the semiconductor, biotech, pharmaceutical, and analytical lab industries. Our customers count on us for affordable, high purity nitric acid in concentrations up to 70%, available in a range of grades including:

We process tank truck quantities of commercial grade Nitric Acid, distilling it into a 70% high purity grade at both our Columbus, WI and Phoenix, AZ facilities.  Our process gives us the capability to purify to PPB levels of identified trace metals before being packaged or blended into other formulations.

High Purity Water

To achieve maximum purity on our nitric acid solutions, and meet strict quality parameters, CCI produces our own high purity de-ionized water for our ACS, Reagent, and SEMI grade acid blends. The result is a very high purity final product with extremely low trace metals and minerals that easily exceeds the specifications of our semiconductor and pharmaceutical customers.

Safe High Purity Handling

CCI operates with dedicated nitric, hydrochloric, and sulfuric acid product lines to maintain best product quality, in addition to multiple PVDF, Air Pro, Poly Pro, and CPVC pipe lines. We also have 5,000 gallon blending systems, outfitted with new pumps, controls and filter assemblies. Our investments in quality processing equipment and accessories provide our associates with a safer work environment while simultaneously ensuring consistency and quality from batch to batch.

Nitric Acid represents the basis for a large portion of our product line and our facilities can process bulk batches in multiple distillation systems. For large scale demand, CCI can also provide tanker truck quantities of high purity Nitric Acid.



ChemicalCCI Part #
Acetic Acid - Glacial FCC 006500
Acetic Acid - Glacial USP 008500
Acetic Acid Glacial - ACS 005900
Acid Detergent Fiber ADF - Concentrate 804400
Bray P-1 Concentrate 826000
Fluoroboric Acid - 48-50% Purified 231000
Formic Acid - 88% ACS 235500
Hydrobromic Acid - 48% ACS 256500
Hydrochloric Acid - 37% FCC 259000
Hydrochloric Acid 20° Be' Technical 261500
Hydrochloric Acid ACS 257500
Hydrochloric Acid NF 262500
Hydrofluoric Acid - 48% ACS 263000
Hydrofluoric Acid - 70% Technical 264000
Lactic Acid - 85% ACS 290500
Nitric Acid - 70% SEMI 376000
Nitric Acid 42° Be' Technical 374500
Nitric Acid ACS 375000
Perchloric Acid - 70% ACS 393000
Phosphoric Acid - 85% (w/w) Food Grade 404200
Phosphoric Acid - 85% ACS 403500
Phosphoric Acid - 85% NF 404000
Sulfuric Acid - 93% PC 566500
Sulfuric Acid - 98+% Etchback 567000
Sulfuric Acid 66° Be' Technical 564500
Sulfuric Acid ACS 567500
Sulfuric Acid Microprocess 570700
Sulfuric Acid SEMI Grade 1 571000

* SDS files for current products can be found under Client Tools

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